February 16, 2021 3 min read

Men’s world is simple one, one where intimate care is not as important as  grooming themselves to look good. Ever since time’s unknown, men never have had to go through the perils and consequences of  unhygienic conditions in their nether region which has seriously stunted their growth in the area of  dick wash.

For all we know, water has been the only solution for any and all intimate hygiene related issues for men and if the gods are gracious, a soap  penis wash  may be the most care their privates receive during their life time.

Why is it the men are so clueless about  dick wash and so shy of discussing and caring about  cleaning and maintaining their family jewels.

For men, who take immense pride in their dicks, it seems like a dick move to keep their most important friend hanging out to dry without proper  care and cleaning.


Why do men not care about their little friend?

At first glance, it may seem like men do not care as much about  men’s intimate wash as women because women have more ‘stuff’ to deal with but when you actually ask men why is it that they don’t maintain intimate hygiene, the answer is more often than not, they don’t know how.

Ladies are taught everything about intimate hygiene by their mothers, a sort of passing off of traditional household knowledge from one generation to the other. For men, a parallel arrangement does not exist as no father is  comfortable enough to teach their sons how to maintain intimate hygiene for their fathers didn’t teach them anything either.

No father will ever talk to his son and tell him to  “clean your penis” and no son will ever tell this to his son. However stupid it may sound to women, for men it is one of those  unspoken, unwritten rules  that must always be followed. Father and son can never get too comfortable and talk about  men’s hygiene wash.

Men care about their penis, ask any guy and you’ll know, and the reason they don’t maintain hygiene is because they can’t. There is no  men’s intimate wash available in the country which can allow men maintain  intimate hygiene whereas the opposite gender is spoilt for choice in the department.

In a conservative country like India, there is no one who’ll openly talk about needing a  penis wash but there is no guy who will reject the idea of having a specialised intimate wash which can help him keep his penis clean and dry all day.


What is the solution?


There has long been a silent need for a specialised intimate wash for men but in the absence of a  suitable product men have been forced to keep using the ages old solution of using oil, soap or water to keep their penis clean and hygienic to the best of their abilities.

That was the inevitable reality of the situation and then  Skin Elements intimate wash  came along and gave men a much needed answer for their prayers. The  men’s intimate wash from Skin Elements gives men the ability and freedom to pursue intimate hygiene and take complete care of their personal hygiene and health.

Intimate Wash from Skin Elements


The  men’s hygiene wash is made using Tea Tree oil with natural extracts from Witch Hazel, Calendula and Aloe Vera. Tea tree oil is known for its powerful  anti-bacterial propertiesand protects the penis and testicles from harmful bacteria and micro-organisms and keeps the area  clean and hygienic.

Witch hazel removes residue left behind by condoms and lubricants and stops harmful  microorganisms from inhabiting your penis. The  men’s intimate wash keeps your penis clean and dry and kills off all the harmful bacteria that can otherwise cause various diseases.

Calendula extracts act as active deterrent and solution to ringworms, jock itches and chafing and allow you to smoothly sail through your days and nights. Aloe Vera soothes the irritated and itchy skin to give you the long awaited relief from that ever repeating and ever annoying itch.

The  Skin Elements Intimate wash is created to give you a healthy and hygienic intimate area that allows you to safely work through the day and enjoy with your partner.

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