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Turmeric and Fullers Earth have been a part of the beauty regimen in our country for thousands of years and are an important part of our cultural heritage. They have been the go-to traditional solutions for skin and beauty problems and the sheer amount of face pack recipes they are a part of is a statement in itself of how impactful these two are.

Haldi and Multani Mitti are used for almost every skin and beauty problem and have reached an almost mythic level of reverence because of their capabilities.

This blog will help you understand the right way to apply and use aturmeric face packas well as a  Multani Mitti pack for your skin problems.


How to Apply Turmeric Face pack

Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient and is known as the definitive treatment for acne and scars on the skin. It reduces inflammation, kills the harmful bacteria and cleans your pores. Its anti-oxidant properties reduce signs of stress and dullness from your face and make you look younger and makes your skin healthy.

  • Regardless of what  turmeric face pack you use, you must always keep in mind the amount of turmeric you’re using in the face pack as too much turmeric would leave behind a yellow color and make your face appear pale.

  • Make sure you use a pinch or either very small amounts of turmeric.

  • Mix turmeric evenly and ensure that its a thick paste before applying on your face.

  • Wash theturmeric face pack after 15 minutes.


How to Apply Fullers Earth

Fullers earth orMultani Mitti face pack is known for its ability to exfoliate skin and balance the oil content of face. It reduces acne, cleans and opens up pores and reduces blemishes from your face. Regular use ofMultani mitti face pack reduces blemishes and scars and removes dead cells from your face giving you radiant, soft and smooth skin.

  • Mix the Multani mitti well and make sure there are no lumps in the solution.

  • Apply theMultani mitti face pack evenly on your face.

  • Wash the face pack after 15 minutes or by the time it starts drying.


All in all the right procedure to applyturmeric face packandMultani mitti face pack is to use these in right amounts and evenly mix the solution and apply it with care. Always wash the face pack within the stipulated time.


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