Wanna cure acne fast? Use turmeric and multani mitti face pack

July 19, 2019 3 min read

Wanna cure acne fast? Use turmeric and multani mitti face pack

Acne is one of the most  common skin problems faced by both men and women around the world.  Acne if left untreated can lead to  spread of pimples and adversely affect the skin and if not treated correctly will leave behind scars which will permanently disfigure the face.

There are hundreds of   face pack for women  and tens of  face pack for men which claim to  treat acne and pimples and extensively use chemicals. These chemicals do more harm than good and do long-lasting damage to your skin.

Using Nature’s Cure

Nature has provided mankind with solutions for all possible ailments that can affect our skin and face. Since ancient times, across civilizations, humans have been dependent on nature for beauty and skincare. Natural substances like Multani mitti and  turmeric for skin  are the best-known solutions for controlling acne and treating pimples and acne.

BothMultani mitti and turmeric are ingredients used in traditional face packs as a solution to a variety of skin problems and are known to be very effective against all skin problems and are the best-known treatment for acne and pimples.


Turmeric for face is an ancient remedy for multiple faces related problems and works wonders on all skin types.  Ancient scriptures and modern research are filled with  benefits of turmeric on face.

Turmeric has a special place in  traditions like the  ‘Haldi Ceremony’ in  wedding rituals, in the food we eat as a special ingredient and for our skin and face as the best-known beauty product from nature.

Turmeric can repair and reduce skin damage and is also used as an active ingredient in packs for hair treatment to stop hair fall and make your hair longer and stronger.

Fullers Earth

Multani mitti or Fullers Earth is one of the earliest known beauty care face packs known to humans.Multani mitti face pack has been used for thousands of years now as an effective beauty regimen for a healthy and glowing skin. Multani mitti has become a household name in the Indian subcontinent and can be found in almost all homes in whatever quantity.

From being used for skin and face care to being used as a hair product, Multani mitti has diverse applications and produces visible results after just a few uses making it a highly  effective beauty ingredient in a number of face packs.

Turmeric and Multani mitti Face Pack

Turmeric powder for skin has numerous benefits making it one of the best ingredients to be used in a face pack. Turmeric has numerous properties beneficial to the skin making it a natural choice to provide relief from skin problems like acne and pimples.

Multani mitti for face is another potent substance being used since ancient times for skincare. Multani mitti solves numerous skin-related issues and clears up the skin. Used in conjunction with turmeric can complement Multani mitti and make the face pack much more potent and much more effective.

Turmeric and Multani mitti face pack for Acne

Turmeric and Multani mitti have various properties that make them ideal for controlling acne and getting rid of scars and spots left behind by acne.

Turmeric for face helps reduce dark circles and has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which kills off the harmful bacteria and reduces pimples and provides relief from the blemish. It lightens the scars left behind by acne by controlling the production of melanin in the skin.

Multani mitti exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells which clears up the pores and removes all the dirt and bacteria from your skin. It has very high oil soaking property which removes excess oil from your skin and keeps the oil production in your skin in check.

Using multani mitti clears up your skin and greatly reduces acne and removes the root cause of acne and pimples.

Additionally, turmeric is also one of the key ingredients of  ubtan face pack which is a well known traditional face pack for removing the signs of aging and keeps the skin glowing and healthy.

Both multani mitti and turmeric have powerful anti-oxidant properties which reverse the signs of aging and makes the skin firmer and lightens up your skin tone.

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