Try this Ubtan face pack to get back your naturally healthy skin this wedding season

December 12, 2019 3 min read

Taking care of our skin is a routine for most of us, but when it comes to the wedding, we are extra cautious of our looks.

The glow in our face resembles the healthy hydrates skin underneath. You may think that makeup has much to do with your overall look when you are the bride or attending a vital wedding of your friend or family.

According to skin experts, only a healthy and glowing skin can bring out that glow even after makeup. This means the canvas should be perfect, and only then the real beauty of the painting will emerge. 

We find many products in the market today which promise for naturally healthy skin, the problem is, most of them fail to keep their promise. Even extensive use of such products can cause harm to your skin as they are composed of harmful chemicals that are rough on the skin.


As we are blessed Ayurveda, we are exposed to many ingredients that are incredibly beneficial for our skin. And the most talked-about of them all are turmeric and Multani Mitti. Turmeric is well known to almost all Indian households, and it acts as a gift of nature to maintain a glowing, healthy skin that is free from blemishes and acne.

Multani Mitti, which is also known as fuller’s earth, is a proven ingredient that cleanses your skin and helps to keep it wrinkle-free. Many skincare companies use Multani Mitti for face packs. These ingredients were used to treat queen in earlier days, and it helped them to maintain healthy youthful skin for ages.

Practices from earlier days are still followed today. Like modern parlors, the bride also undergoes a treatment to heal their skin. An herbal paste called Ubtan is a well-known product famous across India. 

Ubtan face pack is mainly used before marriage to enhance the glow and beauty of the bride. While Ubtan is made of ingredients that are natural and are readily available at home but finding each material and processing the same can be time taking. 


To make it a cakewalk for you, Skin Elements has introduced their all-natural turmeric, and Multani Mitti enriched Ubtan Face Pack. Let us see a few benefits of using this face pack on your skin:


  • Cleansing- Multani Mitti helps to deep clean your skin. It also helps to get rid of trapped dirt and oil that is hard to remove even after a few washes. Multani Mitti dries on to your skin and sucks out the toxins from within the surface of your skin and thus leaves behind a clearer skin.


  • Eliminate acne- Acne is primarily caused due to deposit of dirt and bacterial attack. Multani Mitti cleans the skin from within whereas, turmeric is a natural antiseptic and prevents the skin from developing acne. 


  • Healing- Turmeric has healing properties and helps your skin to heal quickly. It also helps to get rid of old acne marks and leave your skin clean of blemishes and dark spots.


  • Younger looking bright skin- Multani Mitti is infused with natural oils and minerals, which are incredibly beneficial for our skin. It also results in giving you’re a firm skin. By using this Ubtan face pack, you can experience younger-looking bright skin.


  • Skin brightening- Turmeric face pack is mainly used to bring out the natural glow of your skin. Turmeric works as a natural agent to clear out your skin from blemishes, dark spots, acne, etc. It automatically helps to brighten your skin from within.


So if you are on a diet or deciding on your makeup artist and finalizing your look for this wedding season, then take good care of your skin to complete by adding that natural healthy glow to your face. Visit our website today at and order your Ubtan face pack today.

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