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The world has rapidly developed in the past century and it is our environment, the very air we breathe and come in contact with everyday that has the paid the price. Pollution and dirt are leading cause of skin damage, signs of dullness on the face among other serious consequences of pollution.

Neem for skin is one of the few traditional remedies that is able to combat pollution and keep your skin healthy.  Neem for face repairs skin damage done due to pollution and protects the skin against pollution and dirt, keeping your skin healthy and clean.


Advantages of Neem

Neem is a household name in the Indian subcontinent due to its versatility in application on all problems related to skin and body. Neem is beneficial for the body and has many known uses which directly counteract skin problems.

Neem for acne  has been used for centuries as a potent remedy because of its powerful anti-bacterial properties. It kills off the harmful bacteria and stops the spread of acne. Grandmothers across India have advocated the use of  neem for face pimples for centuries now. It stops the spread of pimples and acne and cures the existing blemishes on the face.

There are numerous  neem benefits for skin which is why neem has so much importance in ancient scriptures and traditional medicine. Neem is an actively used remedy for skin pigmentation.  Neem for skin whitening  is a recommended remedy in numerous scriptures which further establish the wide applicability of neem when it comes to skin related issues. 

Neem controls the production of melanin and helps maintain the pigmentation of your skin. Whether it is  excess melanin production or the more common low melanin production, neem balances the pigmentation production and helps maintain an even natural skin tone.

It is thus no wonder that neem is taken as one of the best remedies for skin whitening.  Neem for face whitening is an ages old remedy that is still relevant in the modern world.

Green Tea

Green tea is known for its  powerful anti-oxidant properties which can reverse the signs of ageing. Green tea repairs skin damage at the cellular level and returns your youthful look back to you.  Green tea for face is as beneficial as drinking green tea because of the numerous benefits it gives to your skin.

Green tea is anti-bacterial in nature which makes it a natural remedy for pimples and acne. It controls the spread of acne and pimples and reduces the scars and blemishes from your skin. Using a  Green tea face mask lets your skin absorb all the important nutrients of green tea which repair skin damage and bring back your natural glow.

Green tea is a natural source of  Vitamins B2 and E which maintain the collagen levels in your skin and also stimulate cell growth. These vitamins have been known to be an essential requirement for soft and smooth skin and their nourishment keeps the skin hydrated all day long giving your skin a natural glow.


Face Mask Sheets


Skin Elements Face Mask Sheets are made using natural extracts to provide your skin the best possible nourishment from natural ingredients. The green tea and neem face mask sheets combine the goodness of both neem and green tea to give you a complete skincare package that takes care of all your skincare needs.

These face mask sheets are inspired from the world renowned  Korean face mask sheets  and embody the same principle of using serum to directly deliver the nutrients to skin to help it absorb the nutrients in the best possible way.

Skin elements has combined  neem face mask and  green tea face mask to give you a beauty regimen that combines tradition and modern advancements in skincare to give you the best possible skincare routine.

The skin elements face mask sheets are suitable both as  face mask sheet for men and  face mask sheet for women. Delivering the nourishing serum directly to your skin, helps your pores to directly absorb the nutrients. The green tea and neem face mask controls acne, firms up the skin, removes signs of pollution damage and makes the skin look younger by returning its natural glow.

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