Know the features and benefits of Intimate Wash for Men

April 27, 2019

Know the features and benefits of Intimate Wash for Men

For long men have been repeating the same hygiene regimen of soap and water as a means of maintaining their personal hygiene not knowing that soap is not the answer to all the problems and nor can water wash off and clean everything. Men’s intimate hygiene was a forbidden topic with men ashamed of even admitting that their intimate hygiene was poor and was the cause of several diseases and even foul smell.

Intimate wash for men brings to you the solution of the age-old problem of maintaining intimate hygiene for men. Skin elements bring to you the result of their years of research and development in the form of Skin Elements Intimate Wash for Men with Tea Tree Oil to give you the best remedy available in nature.

Why Intimate Wash for men?

The Skin Elements Intimate Wash for Men was developed keeping in mind the modern problems faced by the modern man and the focus was to create the best possible answers to these problems.

The intimate wash for men is loaded with natural extracts and essential oils to give you an irritation-free and safe experience. It’s suitable for people with sensitive skin and has no side effects.


  • Kills off harmful bacteria
  • Paraben and SLS free
  • Balances pH
  • Soothes itches
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Soothes sores


The Intimate wash is a hygiene wash and kills off any harmful bacteria and micro-organism in your intimate area and keeps it healthy while also keeping it hygienic and fresh all day long. It balances the pH making it difficult for harmful bacteria to propagate and keeps you dry all day. Since the wash is free of Paraben and SLS, it is safe to use for people with sensitive skin and it keeps your privates fragrant all day long.

The Aloe Vera extracts sooth sores and jock itches and the Calendula help you relieve inflammation. Tea tree oil is an effective ant-bacterial and witch hazel helps it in preventing various intimate area related issues.

And perhaps the biggest advantage is how it can easily clean condom and lubricant residue which are so difficult to clean without the right tools for the job.

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