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Summers are hot and sweaty and the long days can make life tougher. Be it athletes or common men and women, the heat and sweat affect all and when the sweat gets absorbed by clothes which rub constantly against your skin, the result can be very painful and uncomfortable. Constant rubbing whether against the fabric of cloth or against the skin itself along with sweat and heat can lead to chafing between legs and inner thigh rashes and with how sensitive the inner thigh region is, the agony is unbearable.

The sweat and the bacteria can easily make chaffed skin the breeding ground for rashes which would only spread with time. Rashes can with time develop into skin infections and spread from its area of origin which will only add to the discomfort and medical expenses.


Inner thigh rashes

Inner thigh rashes affect your inner thighs and make day-to-day work difficult and if you are an athlete, the rashes can make training feel like hell and severely affect your performance and daily targets. Tight clothing and sweat are the biggest contributors to skin conditions which lead to chaffing of the skin resulting in rashes. Skin chaffing is the biggest reason behind rashes among both common people and athletes. Chaffed skin is more vulnerable to bacteria and thus leads to the development of rashes which with time spread from their point of origin affecting the nearby area unless the cause is taken care of and proper medical attention is given to the rashes.



Chafing is the condition of the skin wherein the skin develops blisters and is reddened as a result of constant friction either against clothes or against the skin itself from other parts of the body. Athletes participating in sports which include intense physical exertion are vulnerable to chaffing of the skin in the inner areas. Chaffing for runners, cyclists, swimmers, etc. Is a common occurrence and athletes try on different solutions to deal with the situation none of which is a perfect solution for the problem. Chaffing severely affects the training and competitive activities of athletes much less the day-to-day activities of a common man.


Preventing Chafing

Prevention is better than cure and this certainly is the best way to deal with the issue of chaffing between legs before it develops into a rash and makes any sort of movement suffering. People have used a lot of different ways to deal with the issue of skin chafings like powders or baby creams but all these agents get washed away or mixed up in a sweat and then contribute to the problem of chaffing. There has not been any dedicated prevention solution in India with regards to chaffing letting common people and athletes alike to depend on makeshift methods of prevention and even cure in case of chaffed skin.

The Skin Elements Anti Chafing Cream has been developed as an answer to all the inner thigh rashes and chaffing for runners, cyclists, swimmers, etc. The anti-chaffing cream is a non-petroleum product and has does not use any artificial chemical making it 100% vegan and safe.

The anti-chafing cream/balm creates a very thin film over your skin that allows the skin to breathe but protects against constant friction and is sweat resistant making it last all day long regardless of how much you sweat. The anti-chafing cream/balm is made using natural extracts and essential oils from Allantoin, Tea Tree, Witch Hazel, and Aloe Vera.

Allantoin locks in the moisture and helps in removing dead skin cells promoting the development of healthy skin cells while Tea Tree oil kills off the harmful bacteria and gets rid of any micro-organisms which can cause harm, sanitizing the area. Witch Hazel is an excellent treatment for chaffed skin and reduces inflammation and redness and Aloe Vera soothes the skin and helps further moisturize the chaffing between legs.

The anti-chafing cream is paraben free making it safe for both babies and people with sensitive skin making it an extremely safe treatment of rashes. It can be used for moisturizing dry and chaffed skin and the natural ingredients do not clog your pores and let your skin breathe.

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