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Turmeric and  Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth) are  traditional beauty ingredients used in beauty regimens for centuries. These two ingredients find their place in ancient  scriptures as effective substances for skincare and taking good care of our face.

Turmeric and Multani mitti  face pack for women is known to be an answer to all major skincare problems faced by women as these two ingredients are capable of keeping the skin healthy and free from all impurities. Both turmeric and Multani mitti have long been established as the go-to solutions for a number of  skin conditions and face related problems.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the 9 benefits of turmeric and multani mitti face pack.



One of the original remedies for skin problems and problems related to face, turmeric has long been ingrained in our culture. The sheer applicability of turmeric from  our food to our skin to our rituals is a testament to the versatility of turmeric. The numerous  benefits of turmeric on face make it a spice that is ever-present in almost all homemade beauty regimens being passed on through generations in families across India.

Turmeric for face can repair damage to  skin cells and brings back the luster of your face and makes your skin claim its youth back.


Multani Mitti ke fayde


Multani mitti refers literally to the clay found in and around the city of Multan. Multani mitti is  famous worldwide for its ability to cleanse face and has been one of the mainstays of beauty regimens in the  subcontinent since ancient times. This clay from multan has gained a cult-like status in beauty regimens and is used for skincare and hair care alike.

Multani mitti face pack is used in households across the subcontinent as a much better alternative to chemical and synthetic face packs as it naturally takes care of your skin and provides much better results without harming the skin in any way or causing any long term damage.


9 benefits of turmeric and multani mitti face pack on face 


1. Multani Mitti face pack pulls out dirt and excess oil from your skin and cleanses your pores allowing your skin to breathe and removes all impurities from your face, purifying and cleansing your skin.

2. Turmeric face pack has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which help in controlling blemishes, acne and all types of skin conditions wherein the face suffers from  rashes and pimples. It calms down the skin and reduces the redness and blemishes on your skin.

3. As a face pack for women andface pack for men multani mitti regulates oil production in your skin making it highly effective against acne. It heals the skin and controls the oil in your skin and lets the skin breathe naturally.

4. Turmeric powder for skin also fights off acne and kills the harmful bacteria, thus stopping the spread of acne. Its  powerful antibacterial properties limit acne breakout and help in actively controlling and curing acne.

5. Multani mitti for face is a proven scrub as it removes dead skin cells and helps you get rid of both  blackheads and whiteheads. It exfoliates your skin removing dirt, dead skin cells and impurities from your pores and returns the natural glow of your skin.

6. Turmeric benefits also include its powerful anti-aging properties which reduce signs of aging from your face. It reduces wrinkles, repairs skin damage and returns the youth and glow of your skin.

7. Multani mitti absorbs all the excess oil in your skin, scrubs and opens up your pores and removes all the impurities, instantly removing a layer of unwanted dirt from your face, brightening up your skin. It improves the blood circulation in your face and lets it breathe making your skin look younger.

8. Turmeric is also known to  control pigmentation of the skin. It regulates the production of melanin and helps even the tone and color of your skin. 

9. Multani mitti and turmeric face pack can also be used as a part of  ubtan face pack to give you maximum benefits. Both these ingredients provide all-round benefits to your skin and give you a youthful look and make your skin healthier and return itsnatural glow.

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